Visual people love maps

Visual people love maps

Visual people love maps
Visual people love maps

We love sitting down with a client in an impromptu setting when ideas are unknowingly flowing about.  It’s where most of our ideas come from. Visual people love maps. The conversation goes on and the client chats you up about what would be nice to have at that moment to solve the task at hand.

Visual people love maps.

We throw out a few ideas outlining the possible deliverable and we are mentally down the road with it when the client says.

“I will have to see it first. After all we are a visual group of people in Commercial Real Estate.”

Now the possibilities of different map versions and deliverables are swirling about. The client is open to suggestion on what the maps should contain data wise look like overall. With the help of a few descriptive uses of what could be based on what the client has available the story starts to emerge.

Starting with what they are used to seeing and adding in examples of what could be starts to aid the client on filling in the picture of the map in their mind. Overall setting expectations and engaging the client without them being the driver. We take them along on a ride to the solution.

We have great unsolicited input with a direct need, fresh ideas on the direction to go and how to get to the end goal of solving that clients new found needs. Sounds like a perfect setup for a successful project. All from an open conversation. This is where it all happens.

To top it off the client really didn’t have to do anything but talk. Sounds like a perfect setup. Do you need driver to help tell your map story?

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