Tell us your story

Tell us your story

Knowing the story of what you want to accomplish is the first thing we ask our clients when we start on a new project. Why do we put so much focus on the story? Well without it we don’t know what is important to you and ultimately what the goal of the map project is. Lets give you an example.

Client:I want a map and I need it fast.

Mapsynergy: Ok Bob no problem, what are you trying to accomplish with this map? Walk me through your ideas if you can.

C: Well I need to show this list of locations on a map.

M: What kind of information is in your list?

C: Addresses and site information.

M: Would you like the sites noted in any specific way? Maybe highlighted with other data in your list?

C: Actually yes that would be helpful. Can you label each site with size values that I have in the list?

M: Sure thing. What else would you like the map to show?

C: Well I need to see the buildings on the map.

M: So you need to see an aerial basemap under your sites.

C: Yeah that would be great…

And the exchange goes on until all the important information that the client has locked up comes out over the course of the story. Now it’s out job to piece that information together into one clear map that places each part of the story in perspective. Creating an easy to understand story for the client and their audience.

That’s why the story is so important. Let us create a great looking easy to understand story based map for you.

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