If you are in commercial real estate you probably know what each of the abbreviations CCIM and STDB stand for. CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member and STDB stands for Site to do Business. Many CRE agents are members of CCIM and that get’s them access to the great platform of STDB.

As of July 2020 the offering is; Esri Business Analyst (Full Demographics Suite), ArcGIS online (Full Webmaps Suite), Database USA (NAICS or SIC Business Searching), Flood Maps (FEMA Sourced), RealNex Market Edge (Investment Analysis) and Pictometry (Current Imagery Including BirdsEye Obliques).

Now what do you do with all of that information? It’s quite a list and we think it would be difficult to use all of it let alone be an expert.

This is where we step in and assist at a high level, making sure you excel with the tools you have.

  • Creating custom demographics with your logo included.
  • Compiling several sources of GeoData that is client specific and creating a custom webmap.
  • Searching geographically for other businesses for use in contact list or tenant maps.
  • Acquiring the latest FEMA Flood Maps and current imagery from Pictometry.
  • Bringing everything together in one place so you can focus on providing your client with the best info. All through your central account.

Need help with your STDB account? We can help, Contact Us.

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