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Elevate your trail map

Are you a resort with an old, outdated trail map or want a fresh accurate look?

Would you like to update it yearly without breaking the bank? Maybe you are looking to go green and cut your map printing costs? How about developing and deploying an app for your guests? Multi-Year expansion on your hands? If you said yes to any of these, we have a new solution for your resort. Use one of our existing Skimaps for Official Resort Use.

At Mapsynergy we have a library of already created resort trail maps for North America. For the 2022-23 snow season we have coast to coast coverage of over 560 North American resorts already on file for instant use. See our current coverage here. We are now offering a flat rate price per year based on acreage for you to use our off the shelf trail map of your resort for your official needs.

Our Offering Includes

You can provide updates the map at any time before your season starts. Install a new carpet, move a park or a new run is added we update the map based on your official input.

Our offering.

  • 1. GeoPDF version for use in the Avenza App for iOS and Android. Direct download link for users via QR code.
  • 2. 3D web map version that can be embedded into your resort site.

Resorts can save money while having a better product, leveraging an industry leading outdoor GPS app all the while going green. No more picking up trail maps after the season is over under the lift lines & no more wasted prints year after year. The funds needed to implement this offering can be 20% of your existing yearly print cost alone. No need to commission an expensive artist to draw the mountain. Or the resulting designer to overlay the info or the app developers to create an app from scratch. All of this amounts to large cost savings for your resort while giving your customers a better experience. Like your existing map but want to add functionality to it? Just add links to the GeoPDF or 3D versions alongside your existing map.

We are excited to offer this new Skimaps for Official Resort Use platform to the ski industry. Join other resorts that want to make a difference for the environment and their guests while being more efficient with existing budgets.

Contact us for more info or visit us at Read up on our skimap journey here.