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This ski season at Mapsynergy we started a new partnership with ALECK and our industry leading SkiMap product. If you are into listening to music wile you ski or ride and haven’t heard of ALECK you are in for a treat. SkiMaps on the ALECK Platform


SkiMaps on the ALECK platform starts with a rechargeable headset called the ALECK 006, that fits into most helmets and connects via Bluetooth to your phone. All the typical headset options like listen to music and take phone calls. When paired with the ALECK Go! app you get some additional addons.

First is a COMMS option that you can talk to your friends on the mountain. Second is a GeoLocation of you and your friends on the app and this is where we at Mapsynergy come in. You can now get all of our SkiMaps for over 440 resorts in North America in the Aleck Go! app. Some are free some cost a nominal amount.

See all of our resort detail as a basemap to your friends location. No general and bland open source ski map or Google maps data here. All of our high resolution information on all resort info including topo lines are available to you on the go. No paper map needed.

If you are in the market for a headset take a look at our partners over at ALECK. You might like what you find.