Business Lists

Business Lists

Ever need to prospect for clients based on location, type of business or size of company using SIC or NAICS classifications? Do you have your CCIM or STDB handy? See our other posts on STDB for more good tips. Well you have everything you need. Let’s explore how to use this business lists module to you advantage and make your searching a bit more targeted.

When you start a business you have to tell the governing body what kind of business you are. You can pick from a Standard Industry Code (SIC) or North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as provided by the entity. That data is picked up by by Federal agencies and by third party data providers like HooversDatabaseUSA or SalesGenie. You can use this code to find businesses that have a specific use making your audience easier to sort and target.

STDB uses DatabaseUSA as their provider for business lists. When you open the app the default search is basic, we prefer the advanced option. Starting with Geography pick your search area. Then narrowing your search by business criteria is next. You can search by business or contact name along with a sales range or employee size. Finally you can enter in your NAICS or SIC codes to finish your search. Don’t know your codes? Here are some shortcuts for SIC or NAICS.

Need some assistance getting started with this great tool or want to know more on how it can help you in your business? Contact us below.

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