Demographics from BAO on STDB

Demographics from BAO on STDB

The most used piece STDB Demographics from BAO (Business Analyst Online).

Business Analyst Online is a product from esri. We have been an esri shop for as long as we can remember so we might be a little biased. We have used other platforms in the past and they have completed the job just a well. So what can you do with it?

After logging into your STDB account you get access to a wealth of options. You can create areas for reports, starting with a site location with 1-3-5 rings or 5-10-20 min drive times. Maybe you want a standard geography like a zip code or county. Or even a custom trade area based on a polygon you draw. Then you select a report style to populate based on that info.

Stepping it up a bit you can ask questions of the map based on demographics. Show me all the areas with median income over $70k. Search on more than one variable by adding a population density over 5,000 /SqMi and retail goods spending over $200k. Or even do some site suitability analysis if you want to get really specific.

Maybe you want to do a business search on top of that. Say by business name or SIC or NAICS values. Narrow the field by code, company, location or even number of employees or sales volumes. You can download all the business data in the areas of interest for an instant contact list.

What a wealth of information to start from. Need some assistance in getting started with your demographics from bao? We can help you get the most out of Business Analyst Online.

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