Pictometry Imagery in STDB

Pictometry Imagery in STDB


Did you know you can get current and historical imagery in both straight down and oblique versions all from STDB? It’s just one of the many tools in the platform ready for you to deploy. Read up here on our previous posts on the STDB platform. So what’s included in CCIM-STDB-Pictometry Imagery?

Current aerial photography is always a challenge. Most people go straight to Google Earth and export an image. While easy this violates the licensing unless you keep Google’s mark displayed and most people do not do this. So what do you do? If you are a CCIM and have STDB you use the Pictometry module.

To start you get a search box to enter in an address. Click search and the map will zoom into your location showing one of two options. Straight down and oblique imagery.

Straight down is a Mosaic of images that is seamless in nature. Oblique images are taken with a 45 degree angle “Birds Eye” to the ground so you can see the side of a building in perspective shot. In this platform the horizon is not present in the picture.

As for obliques you can select your year and direction of image and pan around until you get the image you want. Exporting is available by multiple formats to use in your marketing materials. You are covered by licensing through the CCIM-STDB-Pictometry license.

Pictometry Imagery also has some third party layers you can overlay, Streets and Place Names, Contours and US Parcels. You can turn each one on or off to suit your needs. One thing of note, STDB only grants you so many image views so be careful in panning around all day.

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