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ArcGIS Online


As a GIS shop we use a lot of different tools to tell stories. One of the tools we use quite often is ArcGIS Online. This is also available to CCIM members that have STDB. Primarily this platform is for presenting webmaps but can also be used for a variety of other light to medium duty map preparation.

ArcGIS online is an esri product. While you do have to know what GIS is at the fundamental level, you can (if you have a sense of adventure with lots of patience) make simple maps with other peoples data and maybe some of your own.

With this being an online product the idea is that other people share datasets to the public or select groups (or not) and you can potentially bring that data into a new map that combines data to show something new. Maps are composed of many datasets and can be layered together. It’s very important to understand this point. With many datasets both yours and others you can start building new maps that are geared toward your needs.

In the map you can change how a dataset looks, labels, when it is shown and how you interact with it. You can also ask location questions or enrich datasets with other variables.

Lastly you can take your new map and create an app. You can use templates that you can also configure if you would like, to then present your map to the audience. This would include the app colors, text and tools. Basically the nice window dressing of the map that people actually remember.

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