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About Us

At Mapsynergy we create custom maps and provide GIS services to many industries.  We are always open to solving your mapping needs by being your custom map maker.

Project Types

  • Traditional paper-based maps that most of the time are delivered in pdf & jpg but are also available in large format print outputs. Fully customized to your specs. Most custom maps are used within other marketing pieces or as standalone maps that tell a detailed story.
  • Web based maps that can include esri story map-based products to simple web maps that are mobile ready and easy to configure for your needs.
  • Interactive kmz or google earth files for clients that like “gis-lite” applications that they can leverage in house.
  • Geopdf maps for off network mobile use, skiing, hiking, off-roading are some more popular uses.
  • Have a custom need for geodata or custom GIS services and need assistance? We can help you enrich your data with variables and map deliverables that fit your client need.

Typical Project Timeframe 

Our typical map turn times are next business day. If you need a custom project from the ground up, we will give you an estimate on expected completion time. Typically, timing is no more than a day or two. It all depends on the story of what you are trying to accomplish with the data sources you currently have.

Project Approach

  • Initial call or email exchange investigating GIS/map project needs. Topics to explore are as follows.
  • What are the goals of the project? What data do you have? What data do you need? Do you have any examples that you would like to target? When is the project needed by? Overall a solid direction of where the project is going up front will keep development time and costs on target.
  • Data inspection and rounding out of the client needs are investigated next. This can lead to additional questions on the project. After questions are answered and everyone is headed in the same direction the project starts.