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The season isn’t over for me (and won’t be for a while) but the annual update is now finished.

631 Resorts (The only provider of complete North American coverage)

29,478 Named Runs

4,136 Lifts

332,073 Acres

Full interactive dashboard here.

262 or 41% of North American ski resorts had some kind of map change this season. That is higher than average due to the increase in the number of new projects to accommodate the growing number of skiers/riders at most resorts this year. Primary driver IMO? The growing multi-resort mega pass. I track that as well here.

What changed? New lifts or carpets, new runs added or adjusted alignments, added cross country trails, terrain parks that moved, learning areas adjusted, amenities moved locations or new added or old removed, new access gates located, additional parking added, future lift plans or expansions included.

Why is this important? Having the most up to date Skimap data is what sets this platform apart from the rest. Not only is this current for North America, but it’s also the most robust and complete dataset available to the general public.

Where to next? I’m planning several improvements to the initial launch of my platform. Along with even more resorts added to the database.

Want in on this Skimap goodness? Drop me a line.

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