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This season we were tasked with the question of whether our custom Skimap platform can be integrated into existing third-party dispatch systems. After some research, trial and error we have a new mapping deliverable. Here are some notes on the process.

Patrol dispatch systems are put in place to help speed the process of rescues on the mountain and ensure the overall safety of the guests. The resort we worked with this past season was implementing a new dispatch system that worked for their budget and did almost everything they needed. Except the mapping portion. It pointed to out of the box solutions like Google, Bing or OSM map services. For this resort the out of the box mapping option was not meeting their needs because data was lacking.

We worked with this resort in deploying a new web service version of our Skimap platform customized to what patrol needed. With an easy plugin to the existing dispatch platform they were able to leverage our superior Skimap information of their resort seamlessly. This solution was ready to go out of the box for them as we update every resort yearly which made the process easy for them to incorporate quickly. Custom additions are planned for next season to further detail out their resort and improve the experience for Patrol and their guests.

Overall takeaways from the resort included, fast setup, quality resort data, easy integration to existing dispatch systems, low barrier to entry and possibility to quickly customize to their needs.

Interested in implementing our Skimap platform into your own resort dispatch? Contact us.