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The Cottonwoods

Don’t let this nice autumn fool you, winter and all the wonderful snow sliding weather will be here soon. That means it’s time for us to highlight the improvements to our growing Ski Maps Collection for 2016-17.

First off we have expanded our Ski Map coverage to include  73 different resorts. Add to that 7 combo resort maps not found anywhere else. If you are looking for our high quality and accurate Ski Maps in Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah or Wyoming. We have you covered.

New and Improved Ski Maps for 2016-17

Check out all 80 of our Ski Maps here.

Ski Maps 2016-17
Ski Maps 2016-17

We also made several improvements to the overall design this year.

We started with the base color and moved to a more blue hue. This changed the HD elevation shading and 40′ contour interval information. We wanted to pop out the buildings a bit more so we went with a snow covered roof with a shadow to make them pop a bit more with matching labels. We also added more lodging information this year where available. A new more consistent amenity point types are on each map along with easier to read boxes for each location.

We took a different approach in displaying  the in-bounds tree cover and out of bounds actual mixed forest types. In-bounds was updated to a darker symbol set while out of bounds trees were given three different symbol types for Evergreen, Deciduous and Mixed forests. All look much more realistic and accurate to what is really there.

We made the most important improvement on the traditional Green Circle, Blue Square and Black Diamond symbols. We took a new groundbreaking approach by minimizing these symbols to the legend and made thing more intuitive overall. Runs are still Green, Blue or Black. The twist is single or double lines equating to single or double symbols. This makes it much easier to see the type of run without searching for the symbol set to see if that black run is a single or double diamond and much faster to understand the layout of the mountain. Now runs follow the same setup as lifts for a consistent experience. Our take on the Cottonwood Canyons in the Wasatch Range, Utah.

Avenza Maps store

With all of the new additions to our Ski Map this year we thought the next addition would be more places to get them. Starting with our Avenza Maps store for off network usage on your phone. This option is perfect for when you are on the mountain with no cell coverage. Read more about this option

Find our Ski Maps for off network use on your mobile device.
Find our Ski Maps for off network use on your mobile device.

ImageKind Store

Second is a new store on ImageKind. All of our High Resolution Ski Maps can now be purchased and printed out in several sizes and medias including Canvas Prints and Framed Art Prints. All delivered to your door.

Find our Ski Maps on ImageKind
Order custom prints on Imagekind

We are still expanding into new areas and will be improving each map with new information as we go. Contact us for more information.