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Snow Removal PM Maps
Snow Removal PM Maps

You now have a new accurate Property Management map that is saving you time in resolving issues around the property saving you money. You need to turn your attention to the bidding process of some maintenance. If you are in colder climates snow removal is a constant worry. Enter in Snow Removal PM Maps.

Bidding out that process could be a yearly item to accomplish if your provider raises their rates or just isn’t doing a satisfactory job. How to you streamline that process? Is it possible to illustrate to your bidders what sidewalks or parking areas are a part of the Property?

By adding a new overlay of snow removal areas on top of the core Property Management map makes a welcome addition for the bidding process. Now the map clearly delineates the areas that are under the current snow removal bidding process. The new overly helps speed the understanding to the contractor exactly what the job entails. This additional snow removal map ensures the correct areas are serviced when the contractor is called to your property. Saving time and money in the process.

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