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At a HOA meeting a while back we were discussing the ways to use Maps and GIS in new ways with several associations and managers. The topic came up that the existing HOA Maps they had on hand were either original plat maps or screen grabs from google maps. Neither option satisfied their needs and they were looking for better map options.

HOA Maps
HOA Maps

What was missing in the two options they had access to? The plat had addressing and lot information along with property lines and right of ways. It was missing context of the actual aerial photography. The second option was aerial imagery and streets that was used more but lacked the detail needed due to it’s small size and lack of parcel info. A new class of map that brought everything together in one place.

HOA Maps

With that information we set off to build a larger format map that contained all of the key pieces they were missing, Parcels with Addresses & Lot numbers, Street names and current Aerial Imagery. With this assembled maps created and delivered the project expanded. What happens when the HOA needed to bid out landscaping or snow removal? Two new versions were now needed.

Using current high resolution imagery along with county parcel data we started drawing in landscaping and snow removal areas. Once collected we noted each layer and colored them appropriately for easy understanding for the viewing audience.

The new HOA Maps can now be used for for both general reference and specific bidding purposes in one unified product. Making everyone happy with the end result.

Another conversation that just needed someone to assemble the parts into something that is more useful than the separate pieces.

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