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Typical Marketing Map for an HOA

HOA’s (Home Owner Associations) have some basic things they need to accomplish. Keep the property in line with the rules of the HOA is the one people think of first. How about maintaining that HOA’s common area spaces? Do you do it in house? What about if you have a company take care of your HOA services for you?

After your HOA’s initial purchasing round, how do you best visualize and keep track of all the infrastructure of that HOA? Do you go out to bid on a regular basis for these services? Maybe you bid for Landscaping, Snow Removal, Street Repair? (if private) or maybe you have issues with a unit?

Good maps or set of maps is the first place to start keeping track of your property. Accurate maps save time in interacting with your HOA and the common areas that you are responsible for. Maps can also save the HOA and management company money in the bidding process for services.

Why can’t you just use the marketing map you have from the sales process? These maps are typically design sketches by the developer. Sales maps might not be exactly what was built on the property. Seeing the actual imagery of the HOA helps focus your attention on what was actually built.

We will go into detail in three following articles on the basics of each map type, why they will save your HOA and your management company time and money over the long haul.

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