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We never thought we would be making maps everywhere including for a rail yard operated by a huge rail road. But here we are doing just that.

This is a great example of an established company who does the same thing every day over a very long time that stops and says what if we could look at things differently. The backstory is the long standing rail operators were starting to retire and new operators were coming on board that didn’t know what to expect on the line every day. To ease in the transition between groups they needed a medium to transition all that legacy data forward.

Maps Everywhere
Rail Yard Project

Maps Everywhere

The best way to to this was to visualize all parts of their world as one big map. Big as in 2′ by 20′. Everything was designed to fit predefined views and needs of the operators. Color coded information led to fast understanding of the area and that led to a quick adoption of the map as a baseline for daily operations.

The feedback we have received on this was great. Operators were using the map to show daily operations on the line quickly and easily, streamlining their work and helping in information sharing.

What did we learn with this new opportunity? That a map is worth more than words can say and valuable to boot. Overall saving time and making sure everyone knew where things were moving from and to for the day.

Have a similar legacy workflow that could use some map help? Drop us a line. We would love to help.