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Landscaping HOA Maps
Landscaping HOA Maps

Continuing on from the now core HOA map including current imagery overlaid with parcel boundaries and address or lot numbers we turn to maintenance. Some of the larger jobs you as a HOA or Management company might outsource. Landscaping can be one of the largest items to take care of on a weekly basis.

How do you accurately show the landscaping companies exactly what you need taken care of? In the bidding process it sure would streamline the time spent and get a more accurate estimate if the areas maintained by the HOA as common areas could be shown.

Taking our existing map we can overlay landscaping areas that need to be taken care of by the HOA vs the homeowners. Different colors can designate the type of landscaping needed or where to limit maintenance, like the sample above. Why have a bid for areas you don’t need maintaned?

Having this new overlay saves time bidding out the job which saves money over the course of your contracts. All while keeping your HOA looking well kept.

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