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Property Management Maps
Property Management Maps

In Property Management companies have some core items they need to accomplish. Keep the property in the best of shape for the tenant and owner of the property. How to you best keep track of all items in a commercial building? Do you have a record of where the most important items are? Introducing Property Management Maps.

After you take over the management of a new building contract, how do you best visualize and keep track of all the infrastructure of that building? Do you go out to bid on a regular basis for services or do you take care of them in-house? Maybe you bid for Landscaping, Snow Removal, irrigation or parking lot repair? What about utility shutoffs in an emergency?

Good maps or set of maps is the first place to start keeping track of your property. Accurate maps save time in interacting with your property, no need to search for where the most important items are in a rush. Maps can also save the management company money in the bidding process for services.

Why can’t you just use the engineering drawings you have from the initial build? These drawings are typically engineering CAD and can be difficult tin interpret for general users. Maybe you don’t have the originals and the building has been through many hands resulting in not the best trail of information. Seeing the actual imagery of the property helps focus your attention on what was actually built.

We will go into detail in three following articles on the basics of each map type, why they will save your Property Management company time and money over the long haul.

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