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Geo Locate Photos Automatically

Lets say you are out taking pictures of locations with your phone. Possibly for an upcoming real estate tour.  Go into your phone settings and make sure that location tags (Geotagged) are enabled. This means that every time you snap a picture with your phone, location data will be captured and tagged to your photo in the background. Think time, date, location (Latitude & Longitude) based on your inboard GPS or Triangulated position. Geo Locate Photos Automatically without breaking a sweat.

Why is this important? Well there are pieces of software out there that can read that location information. If you have your Geotag turned on you can send the photos to us here at Mapsynergy. These photos can be run through a script that plots a location on the map for each photo based on that Geotag info.

This can speed the time it takes to make that tour map since the location info is already hiding in your data. Important information can be added to the dataset like tour number or location name even active rates. The end product could be a simple PDF map or more interesting a web map that you can click on each tour location and see the picture you just submitted.

Want one for yourself? Contact us.