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Logo WebMaps
Logo WebMaps

If you saw our previous post on one of the most popular types of Real Estate maps, the Logo Map. We have a new twist on that topic. What if you want to view a larger area or have the ability to zoom around and see who is where? Enter in the new offering of Logo Webmaps.

What makes these so different? Well if you have your competitors in a database this is a strait forward application. Sorry this is where Logo Maps made by designers with Adobe products can’t follow. Taking that database of tenant locations that has each location rooftop accurate in location we can start to apply new symbology to each tenant.

Now depending on your tenant mix this could be a long list so best to be targeted in one of two ways. First narrow your target area to show more tenants around a specific retail hub. Or second narrow your competitors you would like to show over a larger area. Follow one of the two options an it will ensure your map is clean and easily understandable to your audience.

You can add to the mix some sites either by point marker or site outline for clarity. Other datasets can be overlaid like your geo located photos of each site, traffic counts from the local DOT or even Parcels. Additions are potentially endless depending on your current project needs. See an example you can test drive here.

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