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Webmaps 101

We have been spending lots of time lately building and configuring various webmaps for several clients and we thought why not show some examples?

First why use a webmap?

If you need to dynamically interact with data or be able to zoom and pan around on the fly AND your going to have a connection to the internet all the time, it’s good option to start developing. One key note here, you have to be careful on the design of the overall webmap as to not overload it with information that could confuse/clutter or slow performance.

We primarily use ArcGIS Online for our webmap projects, either using our in-house account or using the clients account. Each have their pluses and minuses that we can walk you through.

To get started, you need an overall goal. Really a blueprint on what this shiny new webmap will accomplish for you. This is where we listen to your needs and recommend a direction. When the rough framework is in place then we need to look at what data you have or what you need to get. Never overlook the data part, this is where most projects get tripped up.

After both pieces are in place then the development of the webmap commences. When the initial configs are complete then we open it up to client testing to see if we hit the desired mark, adjusting as necessary.

Webmaps 101
Simple web mapping is growing in functionality and speed

Typically this leads to more questions on what is possible to add in a webmap for other projects. Then we start the process over in defining the new goal.

Customer location density
Customer location density

Webmaps are a nice technology to deploy in certain uses. If you want to learn more on how they can benefit you contact us for more information.