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We recently completed a new mapping analysis project in another new space, Unions. Huh? Yes Unions. Let us explain.

Optimizing Union Election Locations

Optimizing Union Election Locations
Optimizing Union Election Locations

We were contacted by Food Workers Union whose members *(numbering in the thousands) covered multiple states and hundreds of locations. The Union wanted to optimize poling locations for their upcoming elections. They wanted targeted locations within a certain distance and drive time of each store. The Union also wanted to keep crowds to a minimum so an upper limit of members per poling location was added.

With this information, we analyzed the location patterns of the data and provided a draft of preferred sites. We provided information in both map and excel form so the union could see the results and make revisions. With the preferred revisions from the union, we re-analyzed the preferred locations and finalized the process.

The end product was a large format PDF map of all locations and an excel list of selected locations. The map included all locations with the selected sites highlighted. Distance rings and drive time areas around each of the selected sites. Along with a resulting Trade Area used to calculate the max members per location.

Using this geographic analysis of Union locations and the associated membership numbers we successfully streamlined the poling location selection process. Optimizing the entire process for all involved.

We can perform this geographic analysis (or additional queries) for your Union or local membership as well. Let us know how we can help.