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New takes on how to consume demographic information.
New takes on how to consume demographic information.

Demographics tend to be a pretty boring thing. Yet they are very important to just about every aspect of business. Typically people are used to seeing demographics in some article or research stat piece. Or in more detail in a dedicated report that is a standard but boring 1-3-5 Mile radius ring study. For a review on past examples of how a radius search works start here.

We are going to elevate our demographics game to another area that isn’t talked about much.

What can you get out of Demographics?

Take your existing data (lets say a trade area or service area) and populate that boundary with all kinds of specific demographic information that pertains to your goal.

This isn’t the laundry list of potential values like Population, Households and Income. We can custom tailor the variables that you need and calculate new ones based on that info. Then package all the targeted variables up into a webmap that you can reference and work with. Keeping the data useful and relevant for ongoing projects.

We find this new way to visualize targeted demographic information about your location very useful when combining that data with other inputs. It then becomes a baseline of research data for your team.

We hope this short glimpse into a new way of displaying demographic information sparks some key uses in your organization. If so we would love to put something together for you.