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Office Drive Time

When office tenants want to relocate to new space they usually prefer to be closer to their existing employees. What is the best way to accomplish that task? Adding an employee drive times map is the fastest way to compare locations to employees. First get the lists of available office sites and current employees locations from the client. By mapping out all of that information it gives the client an idea of the search area.

Next we add in the Drive Time Analysis tools that will calculate point to point drive times for each employee to each potential location. What makes this tool even better is you can pick a specific time of day to run it. By flipping the direction of the calculation for morning and night traffic along with that time you get different travel times. The end result is a full list of every employee and the new estimate door to door travel time for each site.

Keep your office clients happy by adding an Employee Drive Times map to your site selection approach. Need one for your office tenants? Contact us.

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