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Real Estate Tour Maps are one of the core items agents need. Long ago they were printed and bound in a book of paper. Currently they exist as a PDF that includes every flyer or a summary text and possibly picture of each location. What if there was the next gen in presenting your possible locations to your client that was 100% web based. It’s time to explore the Real Estate Tour Webmap

There are many different and constantly changing web platforms that you can use to accomplish this tour map for the web. We like the idea of it being map based so you can see where each location is along with the pertinent information along with a picture of each location.

First option is a focused approach. Here is a sample.

As you scroll through this tour map you first get an overview map of all your sites. Then as you proceed down the map on the right zooms to each location while the text on the left displays the focused info.

Tour Map v1
Tour Map V1

Second option is a different take with the same information. Here is a sample.

This tour map is a three frame setup that you can click on each area to dynamically view the sites. Each location is numbered and the text for each location is displayed over the bottom of the picture.

These are just two of many options to create a Real Estate Tour webmap. Need one for your next tour? Contact us. Interested in more webmaps? Read up here.